Follow Your Taste Buds

Why Follow Your Taste Buds (FYTB) you may ask? IMG

Satisfying food is really considered satisfying only when your taste buds are satisfied, right? In order to achieve that, I like to listen to what my taste buds have to say; when my stomach growls to core and I am not able to decide on which food to really go for. Moreover, my taste buds also help me in creating new dishes time and again. Most of my recipes below are here because of the very same reason. I really enjoyed building these kitchen creations . I hope you all do too. 🙂

So, now it is your turn to FYTB !! Happy Eating!! 🙂  




   DSCN2372  DSCN3513


  DSCN2749  DSCN2889  DSCN3724  DSCN3089


 DSCN2387  DSCN2740  DSCN3255  DSCN3997  DSCN4419  IMG-20141108-WA0026 DSC_0391


    IMG-20140224-WA0020  DSCN2596  IMG-20140304-WA0009  DSCN3829  DSCN4093  IMG-20140805-WA0006  DSCN4671


 DSCN3456    DSCN2869    IMG-20140524-WA0012  DSC_0340

Indian Cuisine

  DSCN3388  DSCN3647  DSCN3810  DSCN3906  DSCN3955  DSCN4249  DSCN4568  DSC_0239 DSC_0492 DSC_0637   20150812_230502DSC_1105



Everything Sweet

DSCN2418   DSCN2850   DSCN3331   DSCN2924  IMG-20140102-WA0005  IMG-20140319-WA0001  DSCN3579  DSCN4048  DSCN4137  IMG_4678  Cheesecake (2)  DSCN4783  IMG-20150409-WA0008

DIY Ingredients

 IMG-20140302-WA0003   DSCN2581  DSCN2368   Collages1   DSCN3929  DSCN4193  DSCN6048


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